Can´t open

 From:  Michael Gibson
626.2 In reply to 626.1 
Hi Rudl, that means that your video card does not support the minimum level of features that MoI requires in order to run.

MoI relies on 3D acceleration capabilities of your video card in order to draw its 3D scenes. If your video card is too limited it won't work. Mostly this applies to really fairly old video cards. But it also isn't unusual for somewhat older laptops to have pretty limited 3D capabilities.

Do you know what video card you have on your machine? You can find out by going to Start / Control Panel / Display / Settings tab, it will show it after the Display: label on the dialog box there. If you let me know what video card you have I could possibly give you some additional information.

On a desktop machine you would normally be able to upgrade your video card to a more capable one, but you probably can't do that on your laptop.

- Michael