Channel Band Tutorial

 From:  Jesse
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Hi Tim,

Thanks...I'm not sure where the stone mesh came from...I picked out of an old model I had
in my projects folder. Here is a 10 mm version, you can scale it by percentage to get
whatever size you like for a 1 carat, scale it by .65

If I remember correctly...I think the prong is the type you'd make
by blending two curves to get the "S" shape and then
sweeping cross-sections on it.

I drew an arc on the side of the finger circle
where I wanted the prong to start and then a straight line
above the place where I wanted the prong to end and did
a blend curve between them. My angle is little off
on the top square, but this is the general idea.
Also, if you do a G3 blend, it will make smoother


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