Channel Band Tutorial

 From:  Jesse
623.6 In reply to 623.4 
Hi Michael,

Thanks, I think I'm starting to get the hang of MoI :-)..
I mean, I'm learning to make the best use of the drawing tools,
especially the construction lines. What I used to do in two or three
separate steps, I can knock out with two or three construction lines,
right within a single operation.

I actually tried to use curve Booleans instead of solid to punch
out the holes for the stones, but they cut through both sides
of the ring... so unless there's an even number of stones, it seems like
you have to use solid Booleans. I don't know how practical it would
be, but could you put in a option for a distant limit to Curve Booleans
subtract from solids? So for instance, if the band was 2 mm thick,
that I'd want the curve to cut 3 mm deep, so it punches out a hole on
one side of the ring, but not the other.

If you don't mind, I'll send you my tutorials before I add the text,
so you can point out if there's an easier way to accomplish
something...and if you happen to notice something in the ones
I've already posted, don't don't hesitate to let me know...

MoI already allows me to do a lot of things faster, so if I can learn
even more efficient techniques, that's even better!