Channel Band Tutorial

 From:  Michael Gibson
623.12 In reply to 623.6 
Hi Jesse,

> I don't know how practical it would be, but could you put in a option for a
> distant limit to Curve Booleans subtract from solids?

This definitely makes sense, but since there is a pretty good workaround of just making solids as cutters, it will probably be a little while before I'm able to schedule time to work on that. One thing I'm not sure about - in solids modelers often times the extrude tool is used for this type of cut, where the extrude can be used to add or remove material from an existing solid instead of creating a brand new object.... I'm not sure which one is best for this option, boolean difference or extrude. Maybe both should have it?

> If you don't mind, I'll send you my tutorials before I add the text,
> so you can point out if there's an easier way to accomplish
> something...

Certainly! But I think it looks like you've got things handled!

But watch out, once you've got fully hooked on MoI you may get grumpy when you need to use other software.... ;)

Your last one really did give a feeling like you've gotten comfortable using things in an optimal way. I guess there can actually be a problem with this in a tutorial because some things like construction lines are so easy to create that they kind of appear somewhat magically in the middle of the tutorial without someone really knowing how they got there. Hopefully this will get addressed when I have some more detailed documentation and additional videos over some specific areas like construction lines. Those will probably round out other tutorials like yours pretty well.

- Michael