thanks for the tips on the how to, and wip

 From:  Michael Gibson
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> offcourse i tried the "print screen" :), it didnt worked so i asked..

Hmmm, that's odd, it works here. Maybe that Screen Hunter 4.0 that Frency Pilou suggested will work.

> make the interfave costumable - adjust sizes of the windows..

Do you mean for the 3D viewports, such as moving around the center of the split view?

One thing you may be interested in for customization is the option for UI size - go to Options (on the bottom toolbar), and you can make all the UI buttons larger or smaller there.

> while drawing hovering above an existing point will memorize its x,y,z positining,

You can use "Construction Lines" for this. While you are in your drawing tool, move to the point you want to memorize, and then click and hold down the mouse button and drag away from the point. Don't click and release, that finishes the point - click and drag. This will create a construction line off of that point that you can use as a guideline. The line is formed between the point you clicked down on through the point that you release it on.

You can use these construction lines as alignment tools, ways to get extensions and intersections off of things, and several other things. I'm going to try and do one of those Camtasia screen video captures pretty soon to try and give a tutorial on their use, because they are a pretty powerful but hidden feature.

- Michael