thanks for the tips on the how to, and wip

 From:  benkashmir
offcourse i tried the "print screen" :), it didnt worked so i asked..

ok, so this my wip, done it really fast thanks to the easy, flowing interface..
colored in photoshop - but its a 3d scene :)

good software..
while playing with it i thought about a few things that would be helpfull..
make the interfave costumable - adjust sizes of the windows..
snap to a predetermined axis..:
while drawing hovering above an existing point will memorize its x,y,z positining, press some hotkey (while on the hover) and then you could have an axis to flow with for drawing your new point, could save alot of calculating time..
(if its exist and i just dont know how to, would be great if youd tip me on that..