From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Colin, I may have led you slightly astray with that example.

You wouldn't normally need to use so many curves to make a surface like that. Since that surface does not have a lot of variation in it, just 2 central curves would probably be good enough to do the job in that case.

You only really add more curves if you need to add more variation or get more control over the surface.

I was trying mostly to illustrate the type of layout that the curves need to have in order for them to be used for Network surface.

If you did want to create a grid like this, then the method that you described would be a good way. Another way would be to copy the curves (for something like this you may want to use Transform/Copy, since it allows you to place the copy in a different spot directly rather than Copy/Paste which puts it in the same spot), and then use scaling or possibly point manipulation (by Edit/ Show pts).

- Michael