Tut Video Boolean Basic

 From:  WillBellJr
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Another great video!

I still say however a >trackbar< is more important than the play,stop,pause etc., controls that are now at the top...

Even more important is perhaps a>preloader<; I can't tell WHERE I am within the video (hence the trackbar) and I also can't tell when the video is fully loaded so what happens is the video may start for a bit and then>stop<.

I can't tell if the video is over or if I've ran to the end of the download buffer. If I click and rewind it, then I can see where it continues a little further the next time (or all the way if the video is fully loaded...)

Just think of how the Quicktime videos are displayed; you get the play button along with the trackbar:
(> |----------------------------| )

This allows you to see how much of the video is left (quicktime also has that nice feature where I can see how much of the video is downloaded by the color change of the trackbar background)

I realize this is being picky but the tutorial vids are really good but confusion seems to always come with them due to not knowing if the video is fully loaded. At a minimum, I'd say provide a preloader if you can't indicate a trackbar...

Great stuff!