From:  Michael Gibson
610.2 In reply to 610.1 
Hi Eddi, the problem here is that some of these paired curves are made up of a different number of segments.

For example for the Ms - if you select the top M and do Edit / Separate, it will break into 15 segments, while the bottom part only has 14 segments. Some of the pieces are split into smaller segments in these areas:

It is possible to merge those segments with the piece next to them. To do that, select the 2 pieces you wish to merge, and then use Edit / Join to make them into one curve. Then turn on points with Edit / Show pts, select the point where the 2 segments are touching each other and delete it. This will merge the 2 segments into one single segment.

If you clean up those segments so that each curve is made up of the exact same number of segments, then this loft will produce a clean result like you want.

The other possibility is that you can gain additional control by only doing the loft between 2 pieces at a time instead of between 2 more complex curves all at once.

It is difficult for MoI to do a good job of matching between 2 complex curves of different lengths and different number of segments. It will do it, but it is not smart enough to line up the pieces as you would use your own judgment to do. It is possible that I can improve this in the future, but it will probably be a while before that happens.

Thanks for the report!

- Michael