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 From:  dooki
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Hey Michael,
-Manifold tool= yup, that's the one I was thinking of. Once again, it's a joy to work with MOI.

OK, I've read the thread by Hyltom. To add to his comments about something new. As a designer, it would be great to be able to sketch out and idea and then block out a quick model. The same idea as with alias sketch of course. I assume there will be option to import background reference images, but what about the option to "sketch" within MOI? Also, is there a way to create/edit geometry the way Sketch up does? Create a housing, draw a profile of a button on directly on the housing and extrude it. I know rhino had an edit curve on surface, but what MOI let you use the freeform pen directly on the geomtry for secondary actions? Maybe I'm thinking of a cross between alias sketch/smooth teddy/cosmic blobs/Zbrush/rhino/ with the ease of MOI.

I know nothing about what it takes to create an application so forgive me if I'm saying things are way complicated. I've read your interview and your right. There are a lot of deisgners and artist that use a pen more than a mouse. I use photoshop, illustrator, Zbrush, and part of HEX2 with a pen. It would be great to have conceptual CAD tool using a pen and MOI is on the right track for sure!