speaker model test

 From:  dooki
Hey all,

Great app! I like playing with various apps and I like to see how easy an app is by using it without having to dig in to the manual. MOI is pretty darn easy. BRAVO!!! This is a model is nothing pretty but it was enough for me to get a feel for things. Like many others have said, like the clean simple GUI. MOI works great with my wacom tablet.

Things I couldn't figure out:
- how to adjust the influence on a blend? There is another app that use that will allow you to adjust the influence on the fly by dragging your mouse.
- can the planar tool work like a gordon surfacing tool? You know, select 4 curves and create a surface?

Would like to see:
- manifold tool?
- Againg, love the edit profile option when you revolve something, but it would be great to have on the fly edit for blends.
- custom plane orientation.
- microscribe plugin? ( just a thought).

Michael, GREAT JOB on this app. Looking forward to seeing more, and curious on pricing too!