Test big objects by Steph

 From:  Michael Gibson
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One guaranteed way to speed it up is to buy a faster computer! :)

After you've extruded it, you have a large number of solids there - solids take longer to display than just curves.

There are a couple of things you can do to help speed up the display - under Options, inside "Meshing parameters", set Surface angle and Trim curve angle from the default 10 degrees to 20 or 25 degrees. This will reduce the mesh density that is used for displaying surfaces and solids. Your objects will appear rougher but they will have fewer triangles which reduces the amount of information that is rendered by your videocard, making it faster.

Also uncheck "Add detail to inflections", "Display hidden-line curves", and "display hidden-line edges".

You'll probably want to restore those settings back again after you return to working on a single object instead of a large number of objects.

- Michael