Nurbs Newbie need a little help

 From:  Michael Gibson
604.13 In reply to 604.12 
Hi Robert, your problem is that there is a small gap in your intersecting curve:

For it to work in the way you are expecting, that curve needs to be a fully closed loop.

You can fix it by selecting the curve, then go to Edit/Show pts. To seal it up, zoom in until you can see the gap and then select one point, run Transform / Move, pick the selected point as the base point for the move, and then pick the other point as the target point. That will move the points together to seal up the hole, after that you can use boolean intersection to get a better result.

For this case you have to use Transform/Move to move the points together. Just dragging them won't snap there, because when you drag a point of a curve it does not automatically snap to other points of the same curve since that would sometimes cause nearby points to bunch together. Someday I should be able to fix it up for this type of situation though.

- Michael