From:  cgn
Hi Michael,

I used moi and still having the problem when selecting a tool (ie. circle or extrude) it does not respond for a sec or two, but besides that in general it works fast and seems very stable (graphics).

I have to say that is the best application that makes the best use of the openNurbs toolkit, no other software's that i have used reads rhino files like this, you did a great job with the toolkit from rhino. i think the rhino guys are going to be very impressed

i have few questions about moi:

Is there a mirror command?
Is on your plans to add support for free render engines? or maybe a direct save to blender?, I'll comment on this because I haven't found a true option to render nurbs (the meshes "under" the nurb), rhino has flamingo but is not good enough on my opinion, and converting rhino files to mesh files is not a major problems but for sure i would like to get rid of the translation step, sometimes this takes a lot of work.

Thanks and great work, I think you'll be very busy at siggraph.