From:  Michael Gibson
6.2 In reply to 6.1 
Thanks very much for the feedback!

Hmmm, that hardware is definitely on the low end of the spectrum, but if it runs well after the initial hiccup, I think that there is a very good chance that it can be tuned up to work more smoothly.

A couple of initial questions:

Are you running on Win2k or WinXP?

Does this happen on every single command, even simple ones like line or delete? Or do you notice it only on some specific commands?

One last thing - do you notice it when you launch another command while another one is still running? Please try to cancel out of any currently running command before launching the new one, and let me know if that seems to work better.

I have a couple of ideas on some things, I will try to add some stuff to the next beta that might help me diagnose what is happening on your system.

Thank you for your help on this!

- Michael