creating 'Sculpties' for Second Life

 From:  Cindy
Hi Michael,
I'm looking for an easy way to create 'Sculpties' for Second Life. They are in beta now.
Simplified, a Sculptie is like a Sphere with Poles (geosphere?), modified by a special Texture.
(so the Sculpt-Map Texture _is_ the Object)
The Texture's (R,G,B) values are used as Vertex Coordinates(X,Y,Z). The order of the Pixels is the Order in which
the Triangles are created.

some URL's with more Details about this: (just in case you dont know it)

You see, this kind of Mapping is new, there is no 3D Modeling Application with built-in Support for this Format.
Solutions so far are : a MEL script for Maya, a Way to export from Blender (both use Texture Baking for this)
... and my (very poor) obj2sculpt Program (not released, because its almost useless).
I spent many hours searching for a (free) NURBS Modeler that can be used for this Work.
Your MOI looks perfect, because most Second Life Citizens are not Expert 3D Artists,
so we need something easy to use.

Now, the Problem is :
I export a simple NURBS Object to .obj.
I can change the Number of Vertices in the Output File, but its Trial and Error. (Fewer Polygons - More Polygons).
My obj2sculpt Program tries to build a Sculpt-Map from this. It would be easy, if i got a certain Number of Vertices,
like 32 x 32 (this would map directly to the Sculpt-Map).
In fact, the default NURBS Sphere in Blender gives me exactly that (but Blender's NURBS Tools are no Fun).

What can i do ? I wished there was a 'Magic Algorithm' to re-build the Mesh at a certain 'Size'.
Or use Texture Baking, too ?

Second Life has more than 6 Million Members, and MOI could be the Number one Program for Sculptie creation :)

Thank you for reading all this.