Functions that could come in handy

 From:  PL (PLS)
1) That's great that you are plannig a 2D printing function. Something simple should do it. Just to print what is on the screen.

2) The 3D connexion space pilot works but sometimes the movements get stuck and I have to go back using the mouse. It's not a big deal. Then it would works again until the same event occurs. I'm using Windows 8 64bit and MOI 2.0 that comes with Geomagic 2103. My driver is up to date.

3) I noticed the sketching function but it's not exactely a free Hand sketching tool since it somehow interprets a line as a polynome or similar. What I mean is something like skechbook pro has. A sketcher that you would use to do your first sketches. But maybe it's better to Keep MOI as efficient as possible whitout implementinig too much stuff. Actually that's what I really like about it. And, that keeps the speed up!

4) Please disregard my post about the Cintiq. It actually works very well. I shoud have asked you if Cintiq was intentionally implemented in MOI. I guess the aswer is yes.

Anyway, congratulation on the application. I'm shocked how powerful and fast that this masterpeace is! And beleave me, I can compare it. I have been using Catia V5 and other software for shape design that is definately les user friendly, much slower and bogus.

Is there another MOI Version (>2.0) coming with Geomagic 2013 soon?

Kind regards