Functions that could come in handy

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi PL - thanks for the feedback!

re: 2D printing

Probably this won't be happening in the v3 time frame. I would like to have it in the future but it will probably be a while.

re: - Smoother Support for 3D Connexion Human Manipulating Interfaces

Over here the 3D Connexion device does work smoothly, are you having a problem with it on your particular machine? Do you still see any problem with the most current v3 beta release?

re: - Free Sketching function

There is a brush stoke type sketch function currently available under Draw curve > Freeform > Sketch.

re: - Better Support for Wacom Cintiq 24HD

Doesn't the Cintiq work just as a regular monitor and drawing tablet? It should work with MoI already, I guess I'll need to know more details about what kind of specific support you're missing here...

- Michael