NURBS and Span

 From:  F.ip2 (CEKUHNEN)
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Hi Michael,

thank you for your input. I think a person that knows the math code behind it can judge this better
than designers that basically rationalize their approach by the visual feedback they get from the tools only.

Car bodies can be very complicated based on the shapes and I was somewhat surprised that the designers
at GM very much use the square tool for a lot.

I guess thats also why the guys doing the CAD work are not called modelers but Alias sculptors.

Personally I had some bad experiences with Alias where certain blends and surface flows were only
possible by rebuilding the design with single span curves and while I know 3D must be incredible complex
I was asking myself if the math code there is simply not yet so refined or if this is just the way how Alias works.

I was just asking because I noticed that in MOI the user if confronted with creative decisions more than
with technical planing of the layouts - which makes MOI really enjoyable to explore design ideas.

Out of curiosity how do applications like SolidWorks approach the span issue? I know that you can put down the
profile curves etc as well, but it seems to me from the short exposure that they do not have such a high focus
on limiting edit points on a curve like Alias Automotive does.