NURBS and Span

 From:  F.ip2 (CEKUHNEN)
Hello Michael

in the recent month I spend a lot of time with Alias Automotive again and specifically talking to car designers they always stress
approach to minimize the amount of spans as much as possible.

In Alias you can work with the curve degree to add the amount of control points you need to create a certain shape with just one span.

And it also makes sense to try to simplify you math data as much as possible considering your model will only gain complexity down
the modeling progress.

However I have two questions:

1. How is this issue be handled in MOI? Do you have some internal mechanism working that adjusts dynamically?

2. Why in 2013 is span still such an issue? I am not familiar with the math - personally I just imagined that you can seamlessly blend between two spans as it is a math calculation for that curve.

Thank you for you always amazing insight!