Good NURBS modeling theory resource?

 From:  F.ip2 (CEKUHNEN)
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Hey Sean

Michael's point is very spot on: Start simple and then step by step build up the model.
This might take some practice and there are always often multiple ways do approach
a modeling task.

If you are interested you could watch the video's on my YouTube Channel:

While they are Alias Automotive and Blender based and use Maya you can however
translate the process I use in constructing the models to MOI as well.

I teach a course that covers creative use of CAD for industrial design where I try to
show the students a variety of modeling strategies how they can be combined and
what a good practice could be.

Maybe because you come from SDS modeling the Blender parts and how via Maya
the models could be converted could be interesting to you to know that C4D and MOI
with an in-between converter could be combined together.

I hop you can find the useful