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 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi David,

> So many great features in MOI3d! Why are they all hidden away in scripts! Such a shame!

It's important for features that are more specialized and not really frequently used to be hidden away in some manner, because otherwise if every single specialty feature becomes prominently listed in the UI, the UI becomes chock full of zillions of buttons and it then becomes difficult to use for basic tasks at that point. It's cumbersome to have to sort through 30 semi-esoteric features all the time.

So that's why various specialty type functions are not just directly embedded in the UI at the top level and are instead set up as scripts - it's an intentional strategy that helps keep the main UI to stay streamlined and easy to use.

Programs that don't do that end up becoming complex and bloated over time, I'm really focused on avoiding that kind of bloat happening with MoI.

In the future I do want to work on some mechanisms to make it easier to browse through scripts by some kind of plug-in list and have some kind of UI customization that will make them easier to access though, so eventually these kinds of functions will get a bit less hidden I think with some way to look through categories of extensions.

- Michael