Fillet problems...

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Shazbot, no problem I hope that helps!

> Thankyou Michael, that makes a lotta sense, I'm use to a 3D program doing it regardless
> whether it will work or not with intertsecting edges, etc.

You mean doing an edge bevel in a polygon modeler? Those do a pretty different kind of thing than what NURBS fillets do. The NURBS fillets are a really precise arc shape.

The NURBS fillets are formed by a quite complex process of generating offset surfaces , intersecting those offsets, that then builds some guide rails that are used for generating fillet surfaces, the fillet surfaces are extended past one another and trimmed with each other and then possibly corner patches added in for areas where multiple fillet pieces were coming together, and then the whole model is also trimmed to cut away the extra space outside of the fillets.

It's a tremendously more complex process than just smooshing polygons around...

- Michael