Drawing on surfaces

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi mike, no those drawing tools like circle, rectangle, etc... are designed to draw planar objects. If it was automatically projected onto a curved surface you would no longer be getting an actual circle or rectangle result from the circle or rectangle commands for example which would be kind of weird, and make some kinds of things like inputting a radius to be very misleading since the actual result you got would not actually have the radius that you just specified. It just keeps things a lot more simple and predictable when the circle command really does make circles instead of making something else.

If you want the result to be projected you'll need to do the projection afterwards yourself. But one other thing to note is that several commands like Trim and Booleans will automatically project planar curves just as a built in part of the command, so if you're planning on cutting with the drawn curve you don't actually need to do a projection of it as a separate step, just do the boolean or trim with the planar curve directly.

- Michael