Scale Array and Fractal Itterations

 From:  3dvisuals dude (ODWYERVISUALS)
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Hi Michael and thanks...

Given how busy I know you must be I tried to word that request in such a way that someone other than you might try to tackle the idea! Sorry to distract you from more important stuff, but thanks for the clear response.

Unfortunately what you described in response was accurate to my original intent but clearly much more work than I had anticipated would be required to make the idea work. As you pointed out, the scale array script/macro "doesn't really know anything about the original array method," which I hadn't expected... and that pretty much kills the idea I had for an easy conversion of the existing scale array code to produce additional itterations of the original array after completion of the first. Oh well...

Too bad, I thought it would be a very cool thing to be able to produce fractal itterations of any object array within MOI. Maybe some day down the road... there aren't to many 3d programs that can achieve fractal itterations without a lot of work.

Thanks for all the work you ARE doing though, I love this program and look forward to V1 of it! ;^)

- 3dvisuals dude