Scale Array and Fractal Itterations

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Dude, for the "other effects", I was mostly thinking about other types of transforms such as rotation, non-uniform scale, or maybe some kind of displacement.

I'm not entirely sure I follow the segements idea. Can you maybe attach a small sketch or something?

It may be difficult to do inside of scale array if it involves producing new array instances. The way scale array works is it doesn't really know anything about the original array method, the only information that it has available to it is a set of objects and a center point for those objects... This is enough information to do a transformation of that array instance, but it doesn't have the information to go back to the original array generator and do more arrays.

Something like that would probably need to be more built in to the array commands themselves.

But I'm not really sure I understand though.

- Michael