Scale Array and Fractal Itterations

 From:  3dvisuals dude (ODWYERVISUALS)
Hi Michael and everyone else here in MOI_land!

I've been playing with the Scale Array script/macro and truly find it useful and fun. A long time ago here when it was being considered by Michael he stated the following which intrigues me...

"I'll see if I can write a macro to do the scaling after the array is finished. If this is possible then it would also be possible to adapt the script macro to do other effects beyond scaling as well." - Michael (<index.php?webtag=MOI&msg=263.32>)

It's these "other effects" which intrigue me here, specifically a notion I still have of altering this now-existing Scale Array script/macro slightly to do a little more than just scale the array.

For instance, lets say you have a long curved line with a sphere solid at the starting point as well as a point object located in the same xyz space as both the start of the line and the center of the sphere. Then you select both the sphere and the point object and use the standard MOI array curve command prior to using select-all and running the keyboard shortcut for the scale array script/macro as usual... only a new option appears in the subsequent dialog allowing you to subdivide the total number of points in the array (like choosing segments of 2 in a 10 point array), at which point the dialog continues as normal only the output is different... producing scaled-down versions of the first scalled array from the size and location of each segmented point. (ie: 3d fractals in MOI) And then there's the thought of introducing angular variations at those segments...

I would write this myself if I knew how to, but since I don't I'm hoping that someone who can may see the potential in making this happen just as I do.

Food for thought anyone?

- 3dvisuals dude