demo version of V3?

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi yolao, check out here for some links to discussions and general tips for people who are coming from a sub-d / poly modeling background:

The overall process of NURBS modeling is very different than polygon modeling and so sometimes it can take some practice for people with a polygon modeling background to not try to only use polygon modeling techniques while trying to do NURBS modeling. One of the biggest differences is that you should try to use booleans as a primary way of working and most of your model should be driven by 2D profile curves rather than by pushing 3D point cages around.

For the right type of model the NURBS modeling process can generate stuff really quickly and at the same time more accurately as well (things like drilling a hole of a specific radius becomes very simple), so it does make for a nice companion to sub-d modeling. You still want to do sub-d modeling for more organic type shapes with kind of sculpted-like details in them, basically something like a face for example does not have its shape defined very well only by 2D profile curves and that kind of stuff tends to be more of a fit for sub-d modeling techniques instead.

- Michael