64 bit version question

 From:  Michael Gibson
5885.8 In reply to 5885.7 
Hi mir4ea,

> I turned on "Show viewport display time" but I am not sure how to interpret this time. I have 280 ms
> with all edges on and 80 ms with off. If I converted right than for all adges "on" I have 1000/280=3
> FPS and "off" 1000/80=12.5 FPS. (when rotating)

Yes, that's interpreting it correctly - so isn't 12.5 FPS fast enough to work in?

> How can I see how much edges have model?

Click here to select all edges (on the "selection indicator dot" area):

Then the properties panel will show the count of the current selection:

> Yes I use this script to hide the edges of the current selected objects every time,
> but wanted to ask you to improve it a bit.
> Would be greate if:
> When I select object it will hide all adges on all unselected object. And if I select object
> with hiden edges it will show them on this object and hide on all unselected objects.

This should probably not be too difficult to set up, I'll give this a try tomorrow, (it's late at night over here right now).

> Michael I hide time to time objects that I'm not working on, but i use solo script insted of hide.
> Becouse when I use hide, when I unhide objecst it unhide them with all hiden edges too.

By solo script you mean the "isolate" function with the right-click on the hide button? That should help with this since when you do it a second time it doesn't just show everything instead it restores everything to the same state that they were in at the time of the first isolate.

Would it also help to have an additional script that would show all hidden objects but not their edges? Maybe then that would be better to use for resetting everything for you rather than the regular "unhide" that unhides everything.

- Michael