64 bit version question

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi mir4ea, I got the model thanks for sending it. With mesh angle = 25 and "Add details to inflections" turned off, I get about 3 frames per second rotating around the full model in the 3D view which is pretty jerky. MoI is only consuming around 1.3 GB of ram after loading the file so there isn't any reason to think that 64-bit would help with the display speed here.

When I turn off all edges (by going to Scene browser > Types > Edges and clicking the eye icon there), the display speed jumps up by a significant amount, I then get 10 frames per second when rotating around the entire model and up around 20 frames per second when zoomed in a bit on one area like only on one big wheel. Either of these (10 frames per second or 20 frames per second) is pretty much ok for working with. Also I've got the hidden line display off under View > "Display hidden lines" checkbox.

Are you seeing something a lot different than that when you hide all edges? You can get some specific numbers by holding down the Ctrl key and clicking on the "MoI" title label in the upper-right area of the maximized window and pick "Show viewport display time", the time taken for generating the current frame will be shown in the upper left corner of the viewport.

My machine is not really a super advanced machine or anything, it's a core i5 quad core 3.3Ghz with an AMD Radeon 7750 graphics card in it. You should be able to get better performance than what I'm seeing here with a more advanced machine than mine.

So I guess my main advice would be to hide edges of some pieces of your model that you are not directly working with at that time, there is a script you can set up to hide the edges of the current selected objects:
But I guess you should already be familiar with that since that was a reply to your own question there.

What kind of speed do you get with edges hidden? And I guess it would be good to know your machine specs, like what CPU and video card you have.

But certainly your model is highly detailed - there are 102,898 edges in it, each time the screen is drawn all of those edges are dynamically broken down into screen lines so they look smooth at the current zoom level. With so many edges there's a lot of work involved with that part of the display.

I don't really understand why you aren't just hiding parts of the model that you are not currently directly working on though... That would certainly improve things a lot with display speed if you were not trying to do a lot of work with every single piece all at the same time.

- Michael