Vertex Normals into Maxwell Render?

 From:  Michael Gibson
5872.2 In reply to 5872.1 
Hi Shazbot, I seem to remember that Maxwell Render has problems with stuff other than triangles, try exporting using "Export: Triangles only" (not even Quads & Triangles), and see if that works better.

Also there is some kind of separate Maxwell setting that you need to enable in order for the vertex normals to come through even with triangles output, I think I've heard before that it's off by default, who knows why.

See here for some previous discussion links:

I don't really know why they would have different behavior with triangles versus quads or n-gons, even if they want to use triangles it should be possible for them to access the internal triangulation that C4D has created for the n-gon anyway, maybe at some point they will do that if they receive enough feedback about it.

- Michael