JS external script error

 From:  Michael Gibson
5871.6 In reply to 5871.3 
Hi Dan, no they can't go into a separate folder like that, they currently have to go into the commands folder. The way it's currently set up, they will only be processed as a "command" if they are in there. A "command" script is a little different than an "inline script", it does various setup stuff like loading the command's UI file, setting up undo records, clearing some kinds of selection states, various assorted stuff like that. Some of those things that are not happening when it's run as inline script is what's causing the particular problem.

Well I guess you could keep them in a separate folder if you want just for bookkeeping, like maintain your own folder which MoI wouldn't even know about and just copy from your own folder into the new MoI's commands folder when you upgrade.

Or it also should work fine to just copy the entire previous commands folder into a new release's one and just say No to overwriting any files too.

Eventually I want to totally revamp how custom plug-in scripts are installed, I would like to make them go into a central location under %AppData% like moi.ini so they would automatically persist between upgrades and also have some central repository of them where you could browse through some categories of them and push a button or something to install one instead of doing manual copying. There is a fair amount of work involved in setting up that whole system so I'm not exactly sure when it will happen though, right now I have put a higher priority on things like bug fixes and modeling improvements.

- Michael