JS external script error

 From:  Michael Gibson
5871.2 In reply to 5871.1 
Hi Dan, how are you setting up the custom scripts, like which directories are you copying them into and what are you putting into the shortcut keys?

In order for these to get run properly, you need to copy them into the commands folder and then in the command part of the shortcut key you should have just the plain command name there, so for example with CustomDistance put in just plain: CustomDistance in the commands part, not anything like script:CustomDistance or c:\scripts\CustomDistance.js or things like that, since those other ways will cause it to be launched in a different way, as an "inline script" rather than as a "command".

From the error there it kind of looks like the actual problem is that the #include directives in the script are not getting parsed out and injected into the script text, like GetPoint for example is supposed to come from #include "GetPoint.js" in the main script and it's supposed to open up that GetPoint.js file and insert it into that spot in the main script.

Regular commands work in the same way so it's kind of odd that it's only happening for just custom ones, I think it must be something in how those custom ones are getting triggered.

I guess it could be possible that a virus checker is preventing some files from being read, but if that was the case I would kind of think that regular commands like just drawing a line would be messed up with the same "GetPoint" error as well.

- Michael