Change UI Colors?

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Shazbot, which version of MoI are you using? There has been a pretty big change in how the UI is "skinned" between v2 and v3.

In v2 it's mostly based on images with things like buttons having a PNG file for them which is split into 9 different sub zones which then get stretched. So for v2 and v1 you need to edit image files to change the appearance.

For v3 it instead uses CSS with border-radius and webkit gradient fills and nearly all the UI elements are drawn dynamically from that CSS. So for v3 you generally don't need to edit any images and instead can edit moi.css which you'll find in the \ui subfolder. There are still a couple of remaining image based things though, like the border for flyout menus.

Eventually I will be getting rid of those few remaining images and also I eventually want to add in a type of preprocessor that will be able to put sort of "id tags" in the moi.css file for colors and have the colors themselves be defined in a separate file from that, and that should then make it easy to edit just one single colors file to make new skins. But work in this area has been postponed until later in favor of working on things like modeling tools instead for now.

But anyway if you're familiar with HTML you can go in to moi.css inside the \ui subfolder and edit things like background-color attributes to change most things in v3.

- Michael