surface blending?

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi dooki,

> I'm trying to blend two surfaces.
> - I selected the edges of each surface and Joined them to make them "one path."
> So I now have two paths, one for each surface.

Ok, but at this point the result of a Join of edges that are touching end to end generates a new separate curve object as the result - this new curve object is not directly related anymore to the surface so when you select it for doing a blend you will be doing a curve blend rather than a surface blend.

> - I use the Blend tool and it asks to select and edge. I do. I end up with ONLY the
> preview of the blend curve. (Normally I would see a preview of the blend surface.)

That means you are doing a curve blend and not a surface blend. You have to select 2 edges in order to do a surface blend, if you have 2 non-edge curve objects selected.

And like Burr mentions the edges that you select should be "naked" edges, meaning that they only belong to the border of one single surface and are not joined between 2 surfaces. If your edge is joined between 2 surfaces it is arbitrary which of the 2 will be taken as the one to be smooth with.

- Michael