New guy questions - Modo workflow, specifically

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Warren,

> Is my mesh just broken? If so, how can I fix it? Or can I?

Your mesh is not broken there - what happened in that case is the filleting engine was not able to figure out how to form the corner juncture between the 2 generated fillet surfaces. When that happens just the generated surfaces will be returned so you might have a chance at using those pieces with some manual trimming in order to finish things up.

If you select your main object and hide it you'll be able to more easily see that those weird looking areas are actually 2 separate rounded surfaces that are separate from your main object. Those are pieces of what should be the fillet but it could not figure out how to get them connected up to one another because of their different widths.

The way fillets are constructed when 2 pairs of surfaces are at totally different angles to one another the fillets between them are then of different widths and positions and so they don't directly collide into one another totally evenly. So a "corner patch" has to be created at the juncture area between them, and that corner patch creation is a pretty complex thing to calculate.

- Michael