UV generation & OBJs

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi bisenberger,

> The attached image shows the MoI UV's after import.

It sounds like it does actually import though, it just shows that message first?

Since 3D Coat has become more sensitive to having problems with certain UV structures, you may want to disable writing UV coordinates out from MoI and instead create the UV coordinates after the import.

To disable writing UV coordinates out from MoI, open up the moi.ini file by going to Options > General and push the "Edit .ini file" button near the bottom.

For OBJ format, find the [OBJ Export] section and set:

[OBJ Export]

For LWO format, find the [LWO] section and set:


With MoI's built in UV coordinate generation turned off it should avoid that warning message when you then import into 3D Coat after that I would think.

- Michael