UV generation & OBJs

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Paul, that's odd - MoI should only be exporting UV coordinates within the 0 to 1 range, but every surface in the model overlaps on to the same 0 to 1 square so they all share the same UV area rather than each piece having its own separate little partitioned island.

What happens if you export just a simple single box, do 3DCoat and Softimage 2014 have problems with that as well or is it only with some particular model? If it's with one particular model can you please send the 3DM model file and the generated OBJ file to me at moi@moi3d.com so I can take a look?

I guess probably these programs have become sensitive to having many polygons sharing the same UV area.

It is possible to disable writing UV coordinates with OBJ export by a setting in moi.ini - go to Options > General and push the "Edit .ini file" button near the bottom. Go to the [OBJ Export] section and there is a setting there for WriteTextureCoordinates=y - change that to be =n like this:

[OBJ Export]

You can also disable writing materials (what I think you're calling surfaces), under Options > Import/Export > OBJ options > "Write material assignments".

- Michael