UV generation & OBJs

 From:  paulrus
I think I've had this issue before, but now it's becoming a bit more of a problem.

When MOI (Mar 17 beta) exports OBJs, it creates UVs that apparently are outside of the standard 0,1 range. So when I try to import the OBJ into 3DCoat, it complains and will occasionally crash. The exact error is "The square of UV set is too big. It may mean that UV set is incorrect or tiled too much. It may lead to long loading time or crash because of lack of memory. We recommend you use auto-mapping and then use UV tools to create correct UV set."

With Softimage 2014, I can't import many OBJs exported from MOI because it crashes Softimage immediately. The workaround is to use LWO's and PointOven instead.

I don't know if the Softimage crash is related to the UVs or not.

Is there a way to export OBJs without any surfaces or UVs attached?