advice on pipe creation

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Colin, well first of all be careful following that blueprint since it looks to have incorrect labeling in it - it looks like the entire bend is 45 degrees and the angle in the drawing that says 45 degrees is actually 22.5 degrees.

I'd probably focus initially on getting the base shape created, for that you can draw a polyline and a circle and do a sweep like this, you can place the circle off to the side away from the path to use "auto place" mode where it automatically moves it to the start of the path:

To hollow it out you can either select the ends and use Construct > Offset > Shell or you could also do a second sweep with the smaller diameter circle and use boolean difference to cut the large one with the smaller one.

Then I guess you want to draw some little collar pieces at the junctures - you can do additional sweeps for those, draw in a rectangle and rotate it by 11.25 degrees (so it's half of the line angle), and then move it to be centered right at this spot here:

And then sweep it around this edge to build a collar shape there:

If it's something more like a very small fold in the metal it might be possible that you would want to do that as more of a texture map rather than trying to directly model the little folds and bumps.

- Michael