Major alignment issues with naked edges...

 From:  sneather
In the two attached images, you will see both a screen grab from MOI, and also from Cinema 4D.
For some reason the edges of the two different objects become totally disjointed when exported to .OBJ in MOI, and imported into Cinema. You can see that they clearly line up fine, in MOI. I added the red highlights to show how off the alignment is in C4D.
In the .OBJ export settings, the only thing I changed was the "angle" setting - going from the default 12, to a substantially more fine 6. Is there something else I can do to force MOI to write the .OBJ with much better aliment of the outside (naked) edges? Upping the polygon count further doesn't seem to totally alleviate the issue, but does make for a much more complex and slower-rendering file.

Thank you.