Issue with imported Rhino project...

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi sneather, also re:

> Two, and even more crucially. When I finally get the prepped CAD model into
> Cinema 4D, if I only use the styles layers, then I get stuck with a useless single
> object and tons of selection tags.

This is something that you may want to request to Maxon to updated in their OBJ importer, it seems like their importer decides to combine things together like that. If that combining causes problems for you, then it would be helpful if they had an option to not do that combining and make separate objects for each object listed in the OBJ file.

The combining of same named objects into one single object is also controlled from a setting in MoI under Options > Import/Export > "Combine same named objects" (checkbox at the top). But it seems that even when this is turned off in MoI so that MoI writes separate objects they get combined together anyway at import time in C4D, in order for that to get fixed it needs to be addressed in the importer.

Have you also tried the "Riptide" OBJ importer to see if that behaves differently or has different combining options you can set?

- Michael