Issue with imported Rhino project...

 From:  sneather
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Thanks, Michael.
There are several reason why I must move everything from "styles" to "objects" in MOI:
First, just the workflow itself, in MOI. I always need to change the titles of the objects in the CAD, and if I do so with styles, it's multiple extra steps, versus one step in the object browser window.
Two, and even more crucially. When I finally get the prepped CAD model into Cinema 4D, if I only use the styles layers, then I get stuck with a useless single object and tons of selection tags. But if those same layers are distributed in the "object" browser inside MOI, then the resultant imported file in C4D is properly composed of all the discrete elements, and names, as they were in MOI.

So, simply no comparison.

Do you know whether there might be a universal function to send the layer names, in Rhino, to the object properties tabs? I was just looking at Rhino, and I see what I think you're referring to, but it would take just as long to fix the problem there, as in MOI.