Issue with imported Rhino project...

 From:  Michael Gibson
5824.2 In reply to 5824.1 
Hi sneather, what Rhino calls "Layers" are mapped to "Styles" in MoI, so that's normal that you would not see the "Objects" section of the Scene browser populated for a Rhino file, any layers that you see in Rhino will instead populate the "Styles" section in MoI.

The "Objects" section shows you named objects, which you can also set in Rhino, in Rhino's object properties section, it does not have a named object browser like MoI. It's a separate kind of property that you can set on an object separately or in addition to the object's layer assignment.

From what you are describing, it kind of sounds like you're trying to move everything from the "Styles" section in Moi into the "Objects" section instead - but why are you trying to do that? The layer structure that you saw in Rhino should be present in MoI in the Styles section already...

- Michael