Selecting centers

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Mike make sure you have "Object Snap" enabled in the bottom toolbar, when it is turned on (highlighted in orange), you will get snap points on objects that have a center point as part of their definition like a circle or a plane. With that enabled, you then use the Transform > Move command to move from one center point to the other, like this:

Notice in the video above that when you have object snaps enabled, there is "Cen" snap available on the circle and on the plane and when you move the mouse nearby it, it activates and grabs onto that particular point.

Some other kinds of objects like some generic squiggly curve do not have a center object snap since they don't really have the same kind of precise center to them, but you can find the center of the bounding box around such objects by using the BoundingBoxCenter command: - that will generate a point object at the center of the selected object's bounding box and then that point can be used as a snap target.

Also in the v3 beta the Move command has a new button "Bounding box center" that you can push on the "Pick base point" stage, when you push it it will take the center of the selected object's bounding box as the base point for the move.

- Michael