"Anonymizing" 3DM files

 From:  Michael Gibson
5805.2 In reply to 5805.1 
Hi Yenmonger, that's something that was filled in by the OpenNURBS library for writing 3DM files, there's a "revision history" properties section of the 3DM file and it has these properties:

Created by
Last edited by
create time
last edit time
revision count

The "Created by" and "Last edited by" fields get filled in with the current Windows user name, so if you overwrite those 2 names with unicode spaces that should blank out that information, but you might want to then double check loading the file into Rhino to see if it complains about CRC checks. If that causes CRC problems then for now you would need to create some temporary Windows user account and run MoI under it to resave the 3DM file.

I'll see about blanking those out automatically for the next beta.

- Michael