Move seam edge-seam point

 From:  Mauro (M-DYNAMICS)
I want to highlight some steps from thread "Trim Edge" started by Brash

>the seam edge will be determined by the starting point of the opposite set of curves.
>Similar to how a closed surface has a "seam edge", a closed curve also has a "seam point" where the start and end of the curve come together.
>The next edge from that closed curve's seam point will be the one that will become the seam edge.
>You can find the seam point of a closed curve by using the plug-in here which will place a point object at the start location of a curve:
>Unzip that and copy the files into the \commands sub-folder and then there will be a new command available named MarkCurveStart which you can set up a shortcut key for.

>Is it possible change start point of curve?

>There is not currently any easy way to do that - in the future I want to add a tool to do it.
>One kind of roundabout way to do it is to duplicate the curve a little ways off to the side and then do a loft between the 2 curves (making an extrusion-like shape)
>then during the last stage of Loft where you can adjust options you can also drag the seam point which controls how the curves are being connected to make the loft surface.
>When you then finish the loft you can extract the edge curve of the lofted result which will be a curve with its seam point moved
>You extract an edge curve by selecting it and doing copy / paste.


I've found lot of times "seam edge curve" of a surface or solid in unwanted position
Often,the seam, make problems trying to fillet or blend on it
Right now i'm working on new project and found again this problem:how to move the "seam" of a surface ?
I'm landing on Michael's suggestion above-mentioned.Maybe can't solve everytime the problem but sometime can make the difference
I decided to make a video-example about this,hope can help

I hope,Michael,you'll add a tool for it in future,like you told above
hope also in a -SINGLE- place where to find -ALL- scripts and plug-ins with clear examples(actually spreaded all around the forum's threads and so)
update also Forum to new -iframe-embed option(Vimeo do not support old embed code anymore)