nsided patch

 From:  stevecim
5794.7 In reply to 5794.4 
>Do you have any examples of other CAD software that filled in those holes very well? I'm thinking that in >the future there may be a few different modes for n-sided hole filling which use different methods.

The star, no, viacad just created a flat surface, with the model with the creased patch, viaCAD created a cleaner patch... Not perfect....

Viacad nsided patch is described has a tangent patch. I guess that's a different sort of patch?

With the star , I was quite impressed with the patch, if there was some way to have a option that made all surfaces created on the "inside", the star patch would be fine. Not sure this make any sense

I really have not idea how MoI works, just love using it :) still have miles to learn only just started changing cplane during modelling :)

Also Michael , your nsided patcher is way quicker then the nsided patcher in viacad :)