nsided patch

 From:  Mike K4ICY (MAJIKMIKE)
I'm not too disappointed in how this new N-Sided works.

In my head, I thought it would be created more logically like a Sweep or Network where the surface seemed to be defined by the implied dynamics of the edge curve, but this one of course, works more like a bubble, or sheet of rubber.

The star point and lines that rib to the center seem to have a mind of their own.

I need to post some examples, of course, but sometimes it seems to patch very well, and with a few other tries, I get something unexpected.

I've also noticed times where N-Sided doesn't activate. Maybe because the edges were not connected very well - which happens to be times when I really need to fudge a surface with a patch! ;-)

So it has it's own design benefits!

I know the N-Sided tool is really still a 'beta' work-in-progress... so lets have fun with it. ;-)

Here is a more complicated area that gave me some trouble:
The edges are more cleanly transitioned, but there are incongruent slice-edges through the interior of the major patch.

I tried the N-Sided patch here with some success, but in the trade-off, the perimeter edges of the patch are kinda creased or the curvature in not contiguous.

And here I tried to do a straight-forward patch, but I learned that N-Sided was not so friendly with whatever was going on here.


EDITED: 26 Mar 2013 by MAJIKMIKE