Screenshot with Mac / MoI v3 beta Mar-17-2013

 From:  Michael Gibson
5782.4 In reply to 5782.3 
Hi Moritz,

> I'm sure you will fix that problem before sunset ... :-}

I'm away on vacation for this next week (still on e-mail and such but not at my main dev machines) so I won't be able to really look into this problem until I return, and it will likely take until the next v3 beta release, sorry.

> And the "Mr. Spock"-grip cmd-shift-4 on the mac forces my to
> rename each screenshot separately.

Ok, but each rename is not particularly time consuming, this method should work for getting the job done currently.

There are also some other varieties of OSX system screenshot methods listed here:

And probably if you look around I'm sure you could find a screenshot utility that would prompt you for a filename when you push a hotkey rather than auto naming it.

- Michael